Facts about menopause infographic

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Introducing ‘The Perimenopause Project’

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Hi! I’m Dr Ruth Hadfield, PhD, and I’m excited to announce the launch of The Perimenopause Project.   The aim of The Perimenopause Project is: 1. To translate the latest research into knowledge... READ MORE

Participate in ‘The Perimenopause Project’

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I would like to invite you to participate in ‘The Perimenopause Project’. I’m collecting real life experiences from thousands of women going through the hormonal rollercoaster of the perimenopause. I plan to compile these... READ MORE

Caffeine and menopause symptoms

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Coffee, hormones and menopause symptoms – is there a link? High coffee intake has been associated with early menopause (1) and with lower estrogen and higher progesterone levels. (2) There is also evidence... READ MORE